It is undeniable that with the advent of social media, even traditionally “non-risktaker” individuals are being more open when it comes to their financial investments. Such a surge has really been felt during and after the pandemic times. Now, investment online is not easy and without expert guidance in fields like stock and forex, it might get confounding. The better, simpler solution? Enter Monetarico.


Our journey: The company was originally founded on October 29th, 2020 during the pandemic times understanding the gap between reliable trade services and the growing target audience.

What is Monetarico? Monetarico, also known as Monetarifund is a digital trading platform that makes online trading effortless. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA, this comparatively new copy trading program is already making its mark around the globe. With expert guidance from traders and guilds all over the planet, they offer the best aid to get your journey started.

Why Choose us? Now, when it comes to choosing an app or a trader to keep a track of your investments there is a flood of options in the market. The average person often gets lost among the endless rows of suggestions from friends, family, and associates. Add to them the fear of choosing the wrong service and losing your money, or worse getting scammed! Thankfully, that is never going to be the case with us Monetarico is legally registered and transparent in staying connected with you every step of the way. Our AI takes all the otherwise human responsibilities and keeps you tension-free.

How we work We, at Monetarifund save you all the brain jam by completely looking after all your assets. Our world-class trading personnel has developed an innovative method so your money can work for you! Want to know how the gurus did it? Our application will link your fund situation with those who have played and won this game. This type of trading is known as copy-paste trading which makes it easier for your money to grow using tried and true tactics. Users can often accumulate up to 295 USD in their opening month itself.

What about risks? Monetarico will never let u lose all your hard-earned assets to gamble. We always ensure that most of your funds are being pushed for the safer funds with only one or two percent being put towards the more high-risk investments.

What our users are saying? Our brand shines in the light of the blazing reviews left by our users. Our system flaunts a whopping 4.6 stars on the consumer review specialist site Trustpilot. 87% of your users think it is “excellent” with admirable comments like,

“I cannot say enough about this great program! Insightful trades combined with guidance on how to leverage options to benefit the most are fantastic. Great class on risk management as well. Highly recommend!”

We have currently an 85%-win rate with millions being earned, every single day.

Our future:  Our future is collective, then why so not be our aims and visions? We at Monetarico believe in collective milestones and our discord servers are an example of that, with both novice and advanced stockholders sharing their milestones every single day. With such an upsurge in the demand for our services, seats are getting quite scant. It is now a first-come-first-serve situation on our end. With all that we have to offer, we can only wish for every new broker to come to experience our stage and learn and earn millions.

Ending Note: So, in the case you are an ambitious individual looking to break the 9 to 5 cycle and make your money work for you, you have chanced upon the perfect place. We offer monthly memberships at nominal rates that will not pinch your pocket. But even before you decide, why not try a free trial with us? For more information, please visit our official website We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you trading with us soon!

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